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Cloud Computing is the Key Contributor of Innovative Application towards the Internet of Things


Asus Cloud CEO Wu Hanzhang speaks at the forum

Cloud computing's role in the IoT and the evolution of ICT 

Cloud computing is a key contributor in innovative application towards the internet of things (IoT), says Asus Cloud Corporation CEO Wu Hanzhang. He pointed out that the trend of the internet of everything (IoE) is gradually taking form, and that there are four applicable values that cloud computing platforms will bring to the IoT: scale, service, data analytics, and openness. This will bring forth brand new challenges for enterprises in business models and innovations.



Wu Hanzhang expressed that the IoT is the next stage of evolution for information and communications technology (ICT), from the early machine to machine (M2M) technologies to the current IoE architecture, following the maturation of mobile computing, social networking technologies, big data analytics, and into cloud computing, etc. We will see in the future the consolidated form of these technologies, a 3rd platform.


Innovation bringing real business values 

The innovative application of cloud computing and IoT is beginning to receive widespread attention from various businesses. For example, Intel has cooperated with Daikin Industries, Ltd., the world’s largest air-conditioning system provider, and has installed the smart sensors in their systems. It removes the necessity to manually notify service providers of the need for system repair by switching over to automatic notification via the smart sensors. Also, Asus Cloud Corporation cooperated with AAEON and Intel in producing IoT gateway solutions for factories in 2014. This enables smart sensors to send back alerts and allows the company to provide follow-up services and upgrades.



In this regard, China’s largest appliance provider, Haier has also picked up its pace, opening up its own appliance platforms to companies interested in developing innovative services in order to establish brand new modes of cooperation. In other words, the industry is already witnessing the innovative benefits that cloud computing brings to the IoT’s applicable services, which effectively improves the real values of business operations.