Press Release

The Unstoppable Integration of Cloud Computing and IoT

Challenges that Taiwan's ICT industry must face and overcome to obtain business values 

A combined effect of software solutions quickly being transferred to cloud platforms, increases in big data analytics capabilities, and the opening up of application programming interface (API) are driving the trend in the integration of cloud computing and IoT. Cloud System Software's Institute Director, and Deputy CEO of the Institute for Information Industry (III), Wang Keyan, pointed out that there is a tough challenge for Taiwan’s ICT companies, who are focused on hardware ODM/OEM, and that they should reposition themselves within the value-driven smart cloud service ecosystem based on their core competencies.


Wang expressed that Taiwan’s ICT industry is evidently over-reliant on the hardware manufacturing section within the industry's value chain. There is a lack of differentiation between competitions. For a long time, they have failed to open up their software and services markets, which has led to a lack of understanding towards user needs. They have long ignored the necessary, but hard-to-obtain values. Their rate of transformation are slower than those of Japanese and Korean companies. And recently, they have become over-reliant on the market in China. These are all current challenges that Taiwan’s ICT industry must face and overcome. 




Big data and open API invites for innovation, brings upgrades, and discovers new models 

Wang also mentioned that under the policy and financial support of the government the III has successfully established the Cloud Appliance for Enterprise (CAFÉ) platform structure for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Its main components include host cloud, desktop cloud, and storage cloud, etc., all of which are critical solutions to assist domestic enterprises in upgrading their existing IT infrastructures.


Wang further pointed out that the formation of big data and open API is bound to facilitate the flight of smart cloud applicable services. Therefore, by establishing and effectively managing a multi-faceted and well-rounded API ecosystem, and to continuously promote cooperation between crowd sourcing and innovation, we will gradually discover the power of innovation and new service profit models for ICT enterprises.