Press Release

Taitung Takes Flight with Intelligent Governance

Mayor Jian-Ting Huang speaking on Taitung's intelligent development

Taitung's e-commerce initiative

What Taitung lacks isn’t the goods, but proper packaging and marketing channels. I’ve never felt tired while seeking opportunities to increase publicity for Taitung because I enjoy doing it. Last September, Yuichi Ejiri, president of Rakuten Taiwan Ichiba and I signed a MoU, making the Taitung County Government the first local government to collaborate with Rakuten Inc. The “Taitung Specialties” officially launched last week after three months of preparation. 29 local brands were able to register their products on the Rakuten Marketplace, Japan’s largest e-commerce website, under the guidance of the Taitung County Government.



Opportunities for channel and exposure

In today’s Netizen-rampant world, not only do we need to open up new virtual passages in order to form a firm online foundation for Taitung’s high quality goods, we need to focus even more on making our public affairs and citizens’ daily lives more intelligent.



Last month, at the 2015 Smart City Summit & Expo, Taitung received notice that it was awarded for its “smart healthcare” and “smart governance” at the Innovative Applications Award. As a result, I was invited to the Smart City Mayor’s Summit and had the opportunity to meet with the mayors and vice mayors from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and South Korea.



Unlike other major cities, Taitung has, for a long time, been economically weak and has stayed at the bottom in Taiwan’s digital economy. Taitung was not expected to appear on the stage of a smart city event. But because of this opportunity, the “Taitung Experience” suddenly gained a lot of attention from participants, including Malaysia’s representative, who has invited me to their city to share Taitung’s path to intelligence.



Taitung advances toward intelligence

“The Internet is our Neighbor,” the “3D Internet Farm,” and the online signature authorization system for official documents are some of Taitung’s endeavors toward intelligent developments over the past 5 years. What’s even harder to believe is the fact that, being a rural countryside, Taitung has already established countywide, free outdoor Wi-Fi services, with a stunning nine thousand people connected each day at 80 minutes per person on average.



This not only shows the expectation of Taitung people’s demands for the internet, but also reassures us that Taitung needs to continue to adhere to the intelligent standards to attain more competitiveness, and to create more happiness for the people.

Mayor Jian-Ting Huang Receives the Innovative Applications Award from

Premier Chi-Guo Mao of the Executive Yuan of Taiwan