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The 2015 Smart City Mayor's Summit Highlights


The 2015 Smart City Mayor’s Summit

The Taipei Computer Association (TCA), the organizer of the 2015 Smart City Summit & Expo kicked off the event with the Smart City Innovative Applications Award followed by the Mayor’s Summit yesterday on Jan 20th, 2015.



The event attracted high ranking government officials, such as Premier Chi-Kuo Mao, Vice Premier San-Cheng Chang of the Executive Yuan and others, including Mayor Rob van Gijzel of Eindhoven (Netherlands), Mayor Jan Sobotka of Vrchlabí (Czech Republic), Vice Mayor Soon-Hyun Ryu of Daejeon (South Korea), as well as various international groups and delegations.




Smart City sets the new path for the ICT industry, says Premier Mao

In his speech, Premier Mao indicated that the pride and joy of Taiwan – the ICT Industry must find a new path; he believes that “Smart City” is that boulevard. A new global economy is formulating and that “The Creator of Smart Living” will be Taiwan’s new image. He also indicated that Smart Cities require the relevant housing, buildings, businesses, internet connectivity both cabled and wireless, education, culture and other infrastructural foundations in order to become established. By 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the cities worldwide will transform into smart cities, of which communication, social networks, O2O, cloud computing, IoT and other channels will bring in tremendous business opportunities for the industry.





TCA Chairman Tzu-Hsien Tung mentions the need for government to confirm plans and policies on Smart City and the IoT


The Chairman of TCA, Mr. Tzu-Hsien Tung mentioned during the event that the scale of this year’s Smart City Summit & Expo has attracted exhibitors from across Europe, the United States and Asia, occupying 550 booths. This is one of the indications that Taiwan is changing in its direction from IT design and manufacturing towards the IoT and smart city, which is a powerful driving force for local companies. He suggests that with the IoT being the foundation of Smart Cities, and that Smart Cities are so intimately tied with the country’s political situation, relevant planning by the government needs to be confirmed as quickly as possible. 




The trend of Smart City is undoubtedly becoming a key indicator of community competitiveness worldwide, and under the spotlight of countless communities and businesses. Taiwan, who has always been recognized for its industry’s completeness in value chain and its capability to respond quickly to market trends, makes it an obvious choice for businesses and governments to collaborate with Taiwan in the development of Smart Cities. As a result, this year, the 2015 Smart City Summit & Expo had over 600 visitors and exhibitors from over 33 countries.