Press Release

2017 Smart City Summit & Expo Features


Topic of the Year: Building Smart City on the IoT

Smart city is the platform for IoT, just as IoT is critical to the foundations of smart cities. If not for the application in smart city solutions, IoT would not find itself in the center of attention, but would instead be passed on as another tech buzzword. The slogan for 2017 Smart City Summit & Expo is “Building Smart Cities on the IoT,” symbolizing the significance between IoT and smart city. As the fourth edition of Smart Summit & Expo, this year’s event can be characterized by the following:


Largest IoT Event in Taiwan

Industry pioneers and experts will showcase smart city applications and topics on smart building, smart healthcare, smart retail, smart energy and conservation, smart security, green energy, intelligent transportation, and even sleep technology. In addition, this year’s Smart City Innovative Application Award saw a total of 85 case submissions, a tremendous increase since last year. Furthermore, out of the submitted cases, 80% applied IoT to their solutions. On the other hand, several incubators based in renowned Taiwanese universities have recommended a total of 13 four-years-or-younger IoT startups to participate in the exhibition. Some of the municipal governments and overseas cities have also featured startups, greatly increasing the event with more innovation and creativity.


Cross-Industry Exchange and Cooperation

This year’s forum sponsors will feature organizations including Joint Commission of Taiwan on Hospital Accreditation, Sleep Technology Consortium and the Intelligent Transportation Society of Taiwan. There will also be a demonstration of the Taipei Smart Eco Communities, organized by EcoLand Corporation. Also, as the edition of Sustainable City Forum, we invited Dr. C. K. Lee, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan, to deliver his keynote speech: “Taiwan Strategy in Sustainable Development.” Furthermore, there will be multiple parallel tracks hosted by the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, discussing topics like new energy, sustainability and circular economy.


World Telecom Smart City Conference Makes Its Debut

Instead of being subject to becoming the ‘dumb pipe’ within the industry, telecom companies instead have the potential strength in the IoT era to create value through providing additional services. Working in in synergy with other industries, they have the opportunity to play a major role as providers of smart city solutions. Being the first edition, we have invited 20 telecom delegations from overseas to share their experiences as a player in the world of smart city and IoT.


The Most Comprehensive Smart City Platform in Asia

This year, over 30 overseas delegations led by mayors are attending and sharing experiences on their development in smart city. With matchmaking events, technical presentations, and keynote conferences, we put the international markets, especially Chinese and South-East Asian market at the forefront. With ever increasing participation from cities and the industry, 2017 Smart City Summit & Expo is aiming higher as the smart city platform in Asia.