World Telecom Smart City Conference

World Telecom Smart City Conference

Time: February 22nd, 2017
Venue: Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall

        The transformational impact of mobile innovation continues to drive telecommunications operators' strategic and operational decisions. However, many within telecom companies continue to be the 'dumb pipe' within the industry. Meanwhile, OTT players, mobile platform companies and applied service providers are gaining in number and popularity, driving the wheel making the traditional operators' task much more difficult.

        Although the transition has not been smooth, Telecom operators adopted aggressive strategies are faring better than their rivals. It is clear that our common mission then, to raise the role of the telecom service providers, and to find business opportunities through building integrated solutions as services.

        We sincerely welcome cities and enterprises to share their experiences in the forum.



•Date: Feb 22, 2017
•Time: 09:00 – 11:30
•Venue: Nangang Exhibition Center, Room 504, 5F

World Telecom Smart City Conference

09:20 - 09:40

Smart City in Indonesia & The Role of Telecom Operator


Mr. Arief Pradetya, Vice President Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing, Telkomsel

印尼流動電信公司 副總裁  

09:40 - 10:00

4G Impact to Thailand Society


Ms. Asnee Wipatawate, Vice President,  Enterprise Product & International Service,  Advanced Info Service Plc

 AIS通信 副總裁

10:00 - 10:20

Transformation of a Telecom Operator in the Smart Era


Ms. Helen Wong, Director, Network Product Technology & Strategy,  Asia Pacific, Verizon


10:20 - 10:30

Tea Break & Networking中場休息

10:30 - 11:30

Opportunities and Challenges for Taiwan TELCOS in IoT Wave

•       Opportunities for revenue growth

•       How to provide IoT services with existing wireless Backbone Network?

•       Technical and operational risks


•           增加收益的機會

•           如何利用現有的無線網路架構提供物聯網服務

•           技術與運營風險


1.       Chunghwa Telecom中華電信

2.       Far East Tone遠傳電信

3.       Taiwan Mobile台灣大哥大

4.       Asia-Pacific Telecom亞太電信

5.       Taiwan Star Telecom台灣之星


•Date: Feb 22, 2017
•Time: 14:00 – 16:30 
•Venue: Nangang Exhibition Center, Room 504B, 5F

 TELCOS’ Strategy and Planning in IoT Era 電信商於物聯網時代的策略與規劃


Realizing Brunei's Vision through Smart Nation


Mr. Lim Ming Soon, CMO, TelBru

汶萊電信 行銷長


Korean Telecom Approach : Smart city for IoT Era


Mr. Dae-Jun Lee, Senior Manager, IoT Solution Business Office, SK Telecom

韓國 SK Telecom 物聯網策略部門 資深經理


Introduction to Paraguay's Telecom Internet Market and Overview and Smart City Business Opportunities


Mr. Jorge Iván Oviedo Pineda, Director, I-Tel Communications

巴拉圭I-Tel Communications 總經理


Tea Break中場休息


Panel Discussion: TELCOS’ Strategy and Planning in IoT Era

•       How to find innovative business model?

•       If any new operating model has been designed?

•       How to integrate IoT service in total digital content service?


•       如何尋找創新的商業模式?

•       新的營運模式在哪裡?

•       如何將物聯網整合進數位內容服務?

Moderator: Dr. Chun-Ting Chou, Associate Professor of EE, NTU

主持人: 周俊廷 臺灣大學電機工程學系副教授


1.    Dr. Shihi Chen, Director of SNSI, Institute for Information Industry

資策會智慧網通系統研究所 陳仕易 總監

2.   Atty. Andrzej Abramczuk,  Plenipotentiary Management Board Member, Polkomtel

Polkomtel 全權代表Andrzej Abramczuk

3.    Mr. Arief Pradetya, Vice President Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing, Telkomsel

印尼流動電信公司 副總裁  Arief Pradetya

4.    Ms. Asnee Wipatawate, Vice President,  Enterprise Product & International Service, Advanced Info Service Public Company

AIS通信 副總裁 Asnee Wipatawate


•Date: Feb 22, 2017
•Time: 14:00 – 16:50
•Venue: Nangang Exhibition Center, Room 504C, 5F

LPWAN and the Development of Smart City


SIGFOX, a Global Smart City Platform

SIGFOX 全球智慧城市平台

Mr. Christophe Fourtet, Cofounder, SIGFOX



NBIOT Smart City Deployment


Mr. Cheng Yang, CTO, Affirmed Network

Affirmed Network 技術長


Smart City Development in Poland


Mr. Krzysztof Wadas, SMART CITY  Project Manager, Cyfrowy Polsat Group

波蘭Cyfrowy Polsat Group 智慧城市專案經理  


Tea Break & Networking 交流時間


Panel Discussion: Smart City Deployment through LPWAN

•       Success Factors of LPWAN

•       Spectral Distribution and Access to Specifications in Various Countries

•        How Governments Should Facilitate the Implement of LPWAN Smart City Applications

座談會:  透過LPWAN布局智慧城市

•       LPWAN的成功要素

•       光譜分佈和與各國規格

•       政府應如何促進LPWAN在智慧城市的應用

Moderator: Dr. Shuo-Yan Chou, Professor, Industrial Management, NTUST

持人: 周碩彥


1.    Dr. Robin Chen, GM, FHnet

富鴻網 總經理  陳盈棋

2.    Mr. Phillipe Chiu, GM, UnaBiz

優納比 總經理 邱賞恩

3.    Mr. Cheng Yang, CTO, Affirmed Network

Affirmed Network 技術長  Cheng Yang

4.   Atty. Paweł Sokołowski ,  Consumer Electronics Department Director , Cyfrowy Polsat Grop

波蘭Cyfrowy Polsat Group 處長  Paweł Sokołowski

5.    Mr. Dae-Jun Lee, Senior Manager, IoT Solution Business Office, SK Telecom.

SK電訊 物聯網解決方案 資深經理