2019 Smart City Summit & Expo / 2019智慧城市展

World Telecom Smart City Conference_Case Studies of Smart City Innovation

The technology of 5G Mobile Networks will gradually expand the implementation in cities and global business by 2020, in which Connected Cars and Artificial Intelligence will also be integrated, contributing to a rapid market development. In response to such transformation, 2019 World Telecom Smart City Conference will be conducted under these themes: “Towards A 5G Future;” “Case Studies of Smart City Innovation;” “Smart City for A Better Tomorrow.” The rich exchange of all innovations generates strong force that fosters the development of smart cities.

Case Studies of Smart City Innovation

Time: 9:00am-12:00pm, Mar 28

Location: 504C





The West of England’s Journey to becoming the UK’s Leading, 5G-enabled Smart City Region

Tim Bowles, Mayor, West of England


SMART CITIES: Beyond Just Technology

Mr. Azrin Aris,

Head product of TM ONE, Malaysia


Explore IoT Opportunities Beyond Connectivity

Mr. Luke Wang, Director, FarEasTone


Igniting Opportunity - The Future of Mobility

Émilie Potvin, Public Policy Director for North Asia, Uber


Strategic Management of Innovative Smart City Projects (TBC)

Dr. Eyal Yaniv, Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University, Israel


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