2019 Smart City Summit & Expo / 2019智慧城市展

2019 Smart City International Forum on Intelligent Transportation System





(30 mins)




(30 mins)


  • Dr. Kent Kwo-Tsai WANGPolitical Deputy Minister, MOTC
  • Dr. Yung-Chang CHANGPresident, ITS Taiwan

Group Photo

Invited guests, moderators and speakers


(120 mins)

Smart Transport Policy Round Table

  • Moderator: Ms. F.Y. Siren CHENDirector, Common Wealth
  • Panelists:
  1. Dr. Mu-Han WANGDirector, Office of Science and Technology Advisors, MOTC
  2. Dr. Yung-Chang CHANGPresident, ITS Taiwan
  3. Mr. Giuseppe IZZO, Chairman and LCI Steering Committee, ECCT
  4. Mr. Joseph K. LAM, Former Chairman and Chair of International Business Development, ITS Canada
  5. Mr. Emir RIZA, Executive Director, ITS Indonesia
  6. Mr. Naresh PRADHANProject Officer(Transport), Nepal Resident Mission, Asian Development Bank


(90 mins)

Lunch Break



(100 mins)

Session I

Mobility as a Service

  • Moderator: Mr. John SUN, Executive Director, THI Consultants Inc.
  • Speakers:
  1. Dr. Chien-Pang LIUOffice of Science and Technology Advisors, MOTC
  2. Mrs. Shu-Chuan CHANGDeputy Director, Transportation Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government
  3. Mr. Patrick CHENMarketing Manager, Automotive and Discrete Group, Greater China, Asia Pacific Region, STMicroelectronics
  4. Mr. Romain HOCQUIGNYSales Manager, Bombardier Transportation
  • Panelists:
  1. Prof. Liang-Tay LIN, President, Chinese Institute of Transportation
  2. Dr. Mark HSIAO, Vice President, International Integrated Systems, Inc.


(20 mins)

 Coffee Break


(120 mins)

Session II

Smart Mobility Application

  • Moderator: Prof. S. K. Jason CHANGNational Taiwan University and Vice President of ITS Taiwan
  • Speakers:
  1. Mr. Sumeet PURISenior Vice President & Global Head of Field Technology, Solace Corporation
  2. Mr. Jan HOLLMANNManaging Director of BOSCH Taiwan
  3. Ms. Émilie POTVIN, Head, Public Policy & Government Relations, North Asia, Uber
  4. Dr. KJ LIUVP of Smart City Solution Integration, ASKEY Computer Corporation
  5. Mr. Erix LINCEO, ioNetworks Inc.
  6. Steve OWENExecutive Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing, NXP
  7. Dr. Wentao CHEManager of GIS Technology, Sensing Business Development Department, Kokusai Kogyo
  8. Mr. Kenny YUPresident, ACER ITS Inc.




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