2019 Smart City Summit & Expo / 2019智慧城市展

SHE 2019 Share the Possibilities LIVE (10:30-11:40)

Share the Possibilities LIVE


Delve into the most cutting-edge ideas and applications in the field of smart healthcare


Attending Share the Possibilities LIVE provides an unparalleled opportunity for you to learn and experience the latest developments and trends in healthcare information and technology.


15+ mini conferences will take place in our Smart healthcare Interactive Pavilion. The conferences feature industry thought leaders, educational sessions, and the newest in healthcare technology case studies.


262829 March

Smart Healthcare Interactive Pavilion (Booth No. K132)


Check the up-to-date Agenda: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RuPbH2SFMtFvYVb44vvh-xZgCtb60bpk


  • Please note that the agenda is tentative and subject to change, the organizer will keep updating please refer to official website for further clarification.


  • The organiser reserves the right to change or cancel the above events at any time without prior notice.
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